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Effin Aftercare Advice

How To Care For Effin Hair

There are some essential steps to follow, which we highly recommend, for you to get a lengthy amount of wear from your extensions. It is very important to not only follow our advice but to use our Effin Hair products, which have been specifically designed for Effin Hair. Failure to follow our advice could result in your extensions reducing their life span.


Washing Your Hair

We recommend to wash your extensions once a week (if you wear them daily), using the following:


  • Effin Hair 'Unbeweavable' Shampoo - we recommend to do two shampoos to make sure the extensions are thoroughly cleansed.

  • Effin Hair 'Unbeweavable Conditioner - apply thoroughly from root to tip, you can leave this on for 10 minutes for a boost effect.

  • Effin Extension Boost Mask - game changer baes!! Leave this on instead of conditioner for a few hours/over night and you will die!! (not literally). The boost is real and your extensions will feel so soft and shiny. There are some reviews on YouTube from many customers who have purchased this for their hair extensions.


Caring Daily For Your Effin Hair

  • Effin Hair 'Miracoil' - use a couple of pumps daily on your Effin Hair, if wearing them consistently. If you only wear on special occasions, or once a week, just apply oil the day before you wear them, so the oil can soak in.

  • Effin Hair 'Leave In Conditioner Spray' - our best seller! Use this daily, every time you brush your Effin Hair. Helps to keep it smelling fresh and feeling moisturised and hydrated.


The oil and conditioning spray can be used on wet and dry hair. We recommend using double the amount of product, when hair is wet, before you blow dry or leave to dry.


You can leave your extensions to part dry. We recommend finishing with either a hot brush (see our Effin How To page) or a hair dryer, using a slow power, medium heat. Half way through drying we recommend a little more oil and conditioning spray for that extra bit of shine baes. 


Tangle Teezer

We recommend to use a Tangle Teezer when brushing your Effin Hair. You can purchase them online (Boots, Superdrug etc). You should always start brushing your hair at the tip, working your way up to the roots.

The Basics

  • Dont wash your extensions too often - washing excessively can dry out extensions. 

  • If your hair is sewn in (weave method/LA Weave) We recommend doing a top wash in between your weekly wash if you need to.

  • How to achieve a top wash? Section off you hair above the top row of your extension, ponytail the rest of extensions and your natural underneath hair back in a ponytail out of the way, put head under the sink washing just your own hair at the top. If your shower head detaches away then use this. The process is pretty easy with a little bit of practice.

  • Oil daily.

  • Use leave in conditioning spray daily.

  • Brush daily with a Tangle Teezer only.

  • After washing your Effin Hair, avoid rubbing vigorously, squeeze excess water out and pat down gently with a towel. 



Can I Colour My Extensions?

We don't necessarily think there is a need to colour the extensions. However, if you decide to, we recommend for you to seek professional salon services.

Can I Use Silver Shampoo/Silver Shade Products?

Yes you may. We recommend mixing the product together in your Effin Hair shampoo and conditioner, to maintain your ashy tones. 

Can I Swim In Chlorinated Water?

Effin Hair is 100% human hair and just like your own hair, can be damaged from chlorine. Therefore, we recommend to try wearing a swimming hat, or use extreme amounts of conditioner before and after!! The extension boost mask will help - leave this on for a few hours.


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